Wedding Dress Collection & Delivery

How it works


We Collect & Deliver throughout Dublin for Free


Step 1:    Call us on 01 25 44 222 or fill out form below.

Step 2:    We will then ring you to arrange collection where ever and what ever day suits you best – home or work.

We will also agree when you want your dress back.

Step 3:    On receiving your wedding dress, Cleaning Angel will check your quote against the dress to ensure accuracy.

If you have been over or under charged, we will ring you to confirm before we proceed.

We will also take payment at this stage.

Step 4:    It typically takes 1 week to to clean and press your wedding dress.

We will keep in contact with you over the week as appropriate.

Step 5:    Once finished, your freshly cleaned and wonderfully pressed dress will be delivered back to you on the agreed day.



Call us on 01 25 44 222