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There are few household items that get as much use as your duvet, being used night after night to keep you warm & cosy. When you think of it the average person spends a third of their week under their duvet!








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How Often Should I Clean My Duvet Quilt?

We recommend that duvets are laundered regularly, ideally every 6 months. It’s a great idea to clean your duvet before storing it, particularly when switching from Summer to Winter duvet, or vice versa.


We will return it to you in a clear plastic wrapper to keep it clean & fresh until you need to use it again.




Duvet / Quilt / Bed Throw / Bedspread Cleaning

Our Duvet / Quilt / Bed Throw / Bedspread Cleaning Service

Many domestic washing machines are not big enough to accommodate a duvet or quilt not to mention the challenges of getting them dried. Which is where we come in …

Duvet / Quilt / Bed Throw / Bedspread Cleaning

Our equipment is large enough to ensure that the biggest of duvets are thoroughly washed, dried & aired. All duvets are laundered at sufficiently high temperatures and using appropriate products to kill all germs and bacteria, thus ensuring that they are hygienically clean.

All duvets are dried & aired thoroughly before being returned to the customer which is why we cannot offer a same day service for these items.

Quilts & Throws Cleaning


We also clean bed throws, quilts, bedspreads, sleeping bags, etc.




How Much Does It Cost to get a Duvet Cleaned?

Take a look at our price list here.

Please note: We charge €2 extra for feather / goose down duvets recognizing the extra drying time needed to ensure they are fully dry.





How often do you wash your hair?

How about your pillowcases?

Now, what about your pillows?


Why Clean Pillows?

We recommend that pillows should be laundered regularly and at least every 6 months to freshen them up and get rid of the dead skin cells, bacteria, dust mites, etc that they harbour. Plus, taking care of your pillows will also prolong their useful life.


Our Pillow Cleaning ServicePillow Cleaning

Our equipment is large enough to ensure that your pillows are thoroughly washed & 100% dry & aired before they are returned to you. We wash all pillows at 60C & on a long cycle, adding bleach to ensure that they are fully disinfected and fabric softener for added comfort. It’s essential that pillows are dried fully to prevent them from smelling and from mould developing which we also take care of for you.


Price list

Take a look at our price list here.



Duvets & Pillows

We also clean cushions and cushion covers